CEO – Super Asia Group

Defined by melange — Super Asia Group has been involved in home appliances. Automobiles, Insulation materials and Fast Food Chain. Our Group has sueeeeded in making diversity its strength.

With Our variance, Super Asia Group has been able to witness sueeess with every year. We are constantly examining the market to align ourselves with the latest technology and trends by being innovative. The team Super Asia Group is always looking for new prineiples and have been quite successful in our endeavor to identifv and establish Group’s trademark across Pakistan.

Our entrepreneurial instinct had led us to start several other projects like The Mall of Gujranwala. Today, having a vision of 2020, Super Asia Group is able to identity and new possibilities coming our way. Our Group has always operated with the aim of enabling Pakistan grow and prosper and its combination of instinctive entrepreneurship and diversity of activity will stand it in good stead for years to come.